About Us

We are happy to introduce Gate Therapeutics, Inc. Since 1998, we have been creating and distributing medical grade topical products to physicians nationwide. We are experts in product development and stay current with new ingredients and technologies. We serve a variety of clients including core medical and aesthetic physicians, Ob/Gyns, Regenerative Medical professionals, Hair Transplant Specialists and Hormone Replacement physicians. Also, after 20+ years of feedback from various providers about what is important to them, we learned sometimes promises aren’t kept. We know how disruptive that can be, so we commit and guarantee:

  • Quality, Effectiveness, and Safety of Products
  • Reasonable Costs
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Desire for a profitable revenue stream through the resale of various products
  • Compliance with FDA Monographs

In launching Gate Therapeutics, our primary focus has been to address these very needs and overcoming frustrations of our customers, along with providing the expected high-quality product.

Our premier line of products focused on “The Science in Medical Skincare” by introducing specially formulated dermatological products that excel in the marketplace with innovation and profit potential.

About our products:

Cost Effective – We invite you to compare Gate Therapeutics products to competing brands.

Reliable – Our products have been tested by physicians to ensure quality results.

Exclusive – Our branded products are sold exclusively to physicians’ offices only, not online or mail order; this ensures that you, the physician, capitalize on the retail opportunity.

Rest assured that the ingredients we use to manufacture our products are purchased from reputable chemical companies and meet all FDA, United States Pharmacopeia and National Formulary standards.

About our team:

Our Team consists of Chemists and Plant Pathologist to bring you cutting-edge formulas and breakthrough Technology.


Gate Therapeutics exists to offer you the most heart-centered and effective products to help you change your patient’s lives. We fulfill our mission by creating innovative and clinically effective medical products based on high-quality and high-performance, powered by nature and science.